Lawman is a PestPHP Plugin for SaloonPHP which allows you to easily write architecture tests for your API integrations with a focus on them being easy to write and easy to read. After all, if SaloonPHP makes our API integrations beautiful, the tests for them should be beautiful too, right?

Lawman is a third-party plugin written and maintained by Jon Purvis and gives you access to Expectations for your Connectors, Requests, Plugins and more, to ensure they stick to whichever architecture rules your application has.

One of the great things about Lawman is because it's a Pest plugin, it will work with regular PestPHP Expectations, just chain them up and you're good to go!


You can install the plugin using Composer. If you run the following command, it will install it as a dev dependency:

composer require jonpurvis/lawman --dev

Lawman makes use of autoloading with Composer, so once you've installed the package, the Expectations should appear as you type!


Let's take a look at how you can use Lawman to easily write Arch tests for your API Integrations.

Let's say we have a Connector class that we want to test, with PestPHP we could do the following:


So that test is ensuring our class extends the base Connector and uses the AcceptJson and AlwaysThrowOnErrors traits. Whilst that test works, we could perhaps make it quicker to write and easier to read, so with Lawman, you can do:


Next up, let's take a Request test that we have:


Lawman makes this test much nicer to read:


What about if we want to test our Connector has an Authentication method? Lawman makes this easy to do, it even works with multi auth:


Lawman also has Expectations for the Pagination, Cache and Rate Limit Plugins:


Maybe our Connector has some Retry instructions that we want to test. Again, with Lawman, it's as simple as:


Available Expectations


  • toUseTokenAuthentication

  • toUseBasicAuthentication

  • toUseCertificateAuthentication

  • toUseHeaderAuthentication


  • toHaveCaching


  • toBeSaloonConnector


  • toUsePagedPagination

  • toUseOffsetPagination

  • toUseCursorPagination

  • toUseCustomPagination


  • toSetConnectTimeout

  • toSetRequestTimeout

  • toBeTriedAgainOnFailure

  • toHaveRetryInterval

  • toUseExponentialBackoff

  • toThrowOnMaxTries

Rate Limit

  • toHaveRateLimits


  • toBeSaloonRequest

  • toHaveRequestMethod

  • toSendGetRequest

  • toSendPostRequest

  • toSendHeadRequest

  • toSendPutRequest

  • toSendPatchRequest

  • toSendDeleteRequest

  • toSendOptionsRequest

  • toSendConnectRequest

  • toSendTraceRequest

  • toHaveJsonBody

  • toHaveMultipartBody

  • toHaveXmlBody

  • toHaveFormBody

  • toHaveStringBody

  • toHaveStreamBody


  • toBeSaloonResponse


  • toUseAcceptsJsonTrait

  • toUseAlwaysThrowOnErrorsTrait

  • toUseTimeoutTrait

  • toUseAuthorisationCodeGrantTrait

  • toUseClientCredentialsGrantTrait


Contributions to Lawman are welcome! If you can think of an Expectation that would be useful for others to utilise in their tests, please submit a PR on GitHub. The only real rules are:

  • All Expectations must have a test to cover it

  • A new Fixture class should be added for every new Expectation

If you just follow how previous Expectations are done, then you should be good.

Reporting an Issue

If you do spot an issue with Lawman, please open an issue on GitHub.

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