⏸️Delaying Requests

Sometimes in your application, you may want to introduce a delay in your requests. This may be to avoid hitting rate limits or to avoid overloading a development environment. With Saloon, you may use the defaultDelay and delay methods on either your connector or request to define a delay in milliseconds.

Default Delay

You may also wish to define a default delay on your connector or request. You can do this by extending the defaultDelay method.


class ForgeConnector extends Connector
    // Every request sent through this connector will have a 500ms delay.

    protected function defaultDelay(): ?int
        return 500;

Using the delay methods

You can also apply a delay to a connector or a request on the fly with the delay() method.


$forge = new ForgeConnector;

// Delay every request sent with the ForgeConnector by 500ms 


If you have defined the delay on both the connector and the request, the request delay will take priority.

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