⏸️Request Delay

Sometimes in your application, you may want to introduce a delay in your requests. This may be to avoid hitting rate limits or to avoid overloading a development environment. With Saloon, you may use the delay method on either your connector or request. With this method, you can set a delay in milliseconds.


$forge = new ForgeConnector;

// Delay every request sent with the ForgeConnector by 500ms 


If you have defined the delay on both the connector and the request, the request delay will take priority.

Default Delay

You may also wish to define a default delay on your connector or request. You can do this by extending the defaultDelay method.


class ForgeConnector extends Connector
    // {...}

    // Every request sent through this connector will have a 500ms delay.

    protected function defaultDelay(): ?int
        return 500;

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